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BOC-3 for MX

Mexico-based carriers need to file BOC-3s too!

Hauling companies that are based in Mexico need to obtain slightly different filings for their business to stay legal in the U.S. Each of these companies will need an MX number, which is like the U.S. MC number but specifically for Mexican carriers. Once you have your MX number, the next step is to file your BOC-3 with us!

Why Do MX Carriers Need a BOC-3?

The BOC-3 form ensures that state government agencies can reach you with legal documents. These may include summons to court or notifications of a lawsuit. If your company does not have a physical presence in a given state, they will be unable to deliver these documents to you. This would create all kinds of headaches, both for the government and for you!

This is why designating a process agent is so important. Well, that and the fact that the FMCSA won’t activate your authority until you submit your BOC-3. If you want to operate legally in the U.S., you’ll need to file a BOC-3 with us.

How Do I File My BOC-3 for MX?

Filing your BOC-3 with us is simple. There are three simple steps to filing your BOC-3 with our team. File your BOC-3 instantly with us!

Step 1: Gather your information.

The first thing you’ll have to do is gather the information that we need from you. This includes your USDOT number, address, and company name. It also includes your name, title, and contact information, so get that ready too. Once you have all of that, click on the button below!

Step 2: Fill out our easy online form.

This form is the quickest and easiest way to activate your authority. With it, you can simply fill in the information that you collected. Then, once you click “Submit,” we’ll assign one of our dedicated agents to take this form and complete the filing process for you.

Step 3: Make your payment.

The last part of the process is submitting your payment to us. Your agent will contact you with information about how to pay. This will only take a few minutes, and after that, you’ll be good to go! You’ll receive your physical copy in the mail in no time, and your authority will soon become active. This filing designates a process agent for your business in every state, which gives you the authority to operate anywhere in the U.S.

We wish you good luck in the competitive world of freight hauling in the U.S.!